My name is Amine. I create standalone solutions for real world problems, from scratch.
I am also certified a Solution Developer by Microsoft.

Mohamed Amine SEBBANE

I enjoyed freelancing with Ray-Ban (USA), DB Media Group, West Virginia Weather Station, APAN Software and even Google!


Mr. Gary B.: "Mohamed is the BEST Webmaster I have had since I started on the internet and started having web sites developed. He also knows Sitefinty CMS's from top to bottom, you could not go wrong with him, trust me.!!!!"

Mr. Dave A.: "Amine has demonstrated tremendous knowledge and skill in the areas of software design and development. He is easily able to grasp project concepts and goals. And he is perhaps the most driven odesk contractor I have ever been in contact with. Amine is best suited for projects where the client simply explains project requirements - and then allows Amine to exercise his vast knowledge and skills to provide the best solution. Also, Amine has demonstrated unsurpassed command of the English language. You will definitely NOT end up wasting time with issues related to language barriers. I highly recommend Amine for your most challenging project assignments."

Mr. Chad B.: '"Mohamed was amazing to work with. He performed fabulously and did the impossible when asked. We had such a short deadline and he went above and beyond what was asked of him. At the last moment our test computer started having problems and he worked around the clock to ensure that the project was done on time. Amazing person and work ethic. I will be hiring him soon!"